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About Us

Art is a direct product of the soul.

Allow us to introduce ourselves.

Sarah Woodcroft 

Creative Mastermind

Sarah is an Edmonton-based graphic artist and photographer. She launched Flutterby Design in 2010 as a creative enterprise dedicated to creating custom greetings, and from there branched into everything that Flutterby encompasses today. Sarah can usually be found in one of three places: absorbed in Illustrator, getting messy in the studio, or lost behind a lens. Graphic designer by day, creative ninja by night, she am always looking for ways to get involved new creative projects!

Karrie Branton

Creative Apprentice

Karrie is a born and raised Edmontonian with a passion for creating different handmade gifts. Growing up she often made items such as candles, wall floral arrangements and floral hats. After reconnecting with Sarah, Karrie quickly fell in love with their "art therapy" and became her apprentice. Now, she enjoys getting messy with paints and inks while making greeting cards and canvas prints.

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