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The Lumberjack bow tie is made and lined with high quality 100% cotton fabric. All collars feature an adjustable velcro clasp for easy release.

Lumberjack Bow Tie

  • Machine wash with like colours in warm water. Lie flat to dry. Use a lint roller to keep free of unwanted pet hair between uses.

  • Collar sizes are determined by the width of your pet's neck and are adjustable.

    X-Small: >8" (kittens)
    Small:  9" - 12" (small cats & rabbits)
    Medium:  11" - 14.5" (large cats & small dogs)
    Large: 14" - 17.5" (medium dogs)
    Extra Large: 18" - 20" (large dogs)
    Custom: Please include desired collar length in additional text field

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